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Tunguska comet impact -
situation of informational war

Many years we have situation of informational war concerning the Tunguska impact. Well known, that Dr. L.A.Kulik (geologist) was very experienced in meteoritics. In 1939 he published information about finding of 1/2 kg of melted glass-like substance with traces of nickel [Ni]. The fragment was found in Suslov's depression (central region of the Tunguska impact). There is very big question, why Kulik's finding was falsified later? In subsequent book by E.L.Krinov the substance was described as "melted fragment of bottle". Certainly there is the fact of falsification. Dr. L.A.Kulik was very serious scientist and he was not able to make such blunder. Why so-called "melted fragment of bottle" was lost later? It is clear that somebody had the interest to loss Tunguska meteorites. This situation is repeated today again. We have three Zlobin's melted stones from the center of Tunguska impact. Second time melted substance is found in Tunguska region. However, falsification of information is continued. Some of frivolous authors continues to say that do not know about any finds of the substance. It seems these authors hope that Zlobin's stones will be lost too? You must know the truth - since 2013 (after publishing on arXiv.org) Zlobin's stones were not dismissed with any serious scientific arguments. All publications concerning such disproofs is false. Nobody of geologists or experts in meteoritics took substance of these stones for laboratory investigation till now. It seems somebody really afraid of serious investigation of these stones with methods of strong international expertise. We really see dishonest collusion against Tunguska findings of L.A.Kulik and A.E.Zlobin. It is really looks like unfair manipulation in science. It is manipulation with methods of informational war. It is false information that Tunguska substance was not found till now. This false information is distributing by massmedia with giant quantity of publications all over the world.

Destruction of the comet

The fact of Tunguska explosion in Siberia is known already during 100 years and many scientists try to explain this event from position of asteroid or comet impact. In 1988 three stones were found by A.E.Zlobin, which he determined as probably Tunguska meteorites recently. Due to chaos caused by USSR disintegration, Zlobin had not possibility to investigate these stones with necessary laboratory conditions and experimental equipment. It was possible only intensive investigation of Tunguska event with methods of mathematical modeling. However, a lot of new results were obtained by Andrei Zlobin with the help of computers during last decades. Total energy of Tunguska catastrophe was concretized with more detailes from position of destruction of four fragments of comet's nucleus in the atmosphere. Form of trajectory, azimuth direction and inclination angle was confirmed in accordance to informative data of eyewitnesses and due to most reliable studies by earliest investigators (L.A.Kulik, I.S.Astapovich, E.L.Krinov and others). Main heat processes became clear and the area of forest burn (picture above) was explained from position of local impacts of fragments of compound comet nucleus (picture below). During quasi 3-D modeling of Tunguska impact several places were determined, where falling of meteorites was possible. One of these places not far from Pristan camp coincided to Zlobin's discovery of three melted stones in 1988. All these results you can find in papers of A.E.Zlobin. Also Zlobin's opinion were mentioned by academician N.V.Vasilyev in his last monography concerning the Tunguska phenomenon of 1908.

In 2013 A.E.Zlobin continued cautious investigation of three probably Tunguska meteorites with different laboratory methods. First of all that methods is used, which not require destruction of samples. Attentive analysis of form, size, weight, color was carried out. All three stones were investigated with the help of high resolution magnifier and described with mention of many detailes. Additional mathematical modeling was carried out for determination of conditions of stone's melting. During summer of 2013, first investigation of substance of stones was carried out and the presence of traditional cosmic marker of meteorites was confirmed. Concentration of substance of this marker was estimated without destruction of samples.

The investigation of three probably Tunguska meteorites is being continued now by A.E.Zlobin, and determination of density of stones is planned.

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